About Us

The Bassment is a retail shop for todays “COOL”. We represent Chicago street culture throughout our many channels.

Whether it be fashion, music or art, we are here to fill a void in todays scene. With over 10 years under our belt, we are masters of our craft, from creating special events, putting out fresh clothing designs, to having a vast selection of product from all over the world.

We are more than a store, we are a movement, a lifestyle brand representing the people by maintaining our values by bringing quality in everything we do.


One comment on “About Us

  1. Shabazz, what up u know the deal, I’ve been up on the shop since the graff days of old. I only rock new-era… If you could throw that Bassment “b” logo on a new era fitted I would be on that ASAP. Send me an e-mail back if this is gonna happen. Alfred’s got the A, Leaders got the L, I need the Bassment “B.” New-era all day…. Big ups on the longevity from WINE. Holla back if you can make that happen, peace.

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